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Glitching/Porting/Clipping/Lagging/Desyncing of far away players and player controlled vehicles in MP. [Multiplayer]
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Players and vehicles controlled by players being far or very far away are showing some really wierd issues.

When you look at them through e.g. tank optics, they show all those named issue: Glitching around, porting dozens of meters all around the place every few seconds, clipping into objects or the ground, 'lagging' and 'desyncing' so bad you usually have a hard time trying to hit them.

I first thought these issues are related to lags/desyncs by either clients or the server, but observing this issue for months now it seems it's happening on a common basis.
These issues occur really often and the further away the other player or his vehicles is moving, the worse it gets.

It's also happening on servers which I know for sure are running really well and smooth and even if the other player and I have a latency of <30 ms and there is no evidence for any desync of both.

It usually start happening at distances greater than approx. 1500m and it's getting worse with increasing distance, being pretty bad at e.g. 2500m.


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Join a server and make sure the view distance and object distance are at least set to 3000m on the server.

Observe vehicles controlled by other players at distances of 1500+m.

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Unable to repro.

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This is not conclusive but it appears to be happening more since 1.12 (

Here are some observations to help with isolating the problem:

  1. It happens on a recently restarted server also.
  2. It is happening also to vehicles with no pilots and passengers. Vehicles are sinking into the ground and sliding. Having multiple players in the vehicle is not automatically causative factor.
  3. It does not feel like individual player lag because we checked their Ping, Bandwidth and Desync stats when they are showing "vehicle desync" behaviour.
  4. Occassionally, we get server wide desync with the majority of players showing 100000 in the Desync field.

Also observing vehicles with no players drivers/pilots/passengers, sinking into the ground, flying off at some vector, momentarily before resetting its position.

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@ AD2001:

It's not happening with every far-away player, but it's happening very often. And yes, individual player lag seems not to be involved because I'm always instantly cecking my ping + desync and most of times also the other players ping + desync. But for me until now it only happened to vehicles controlled by players. And it looks like somebody desyncing near you, it's just there is no desync shown and you can be sure as soon as you get closer to that player, this issue will be gone.

Try again, and increase the distance. Let someone move around at 2500 m or 3000 m and watch him through e.g. the tank optics. Let him move fast on a quad or something.
I have no possibility to repro the issue, I just know for sure it's happening a lot when playing MP on servers which have quite a long view distance.
And I always check pings and desync and usually there are no issues with it. Plus, everything is fine and without desync with players being closer to you.

At large distances, the "desync" behaviour observed is most likely caused by basic.cfg settings for MinErrorToSend and MinErrorToSendNear, documented here:

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@ cyckuan:

I have no idea about all those things, but hopefully that will help to get this issue fixed, because it's one of the most annoying ones regarding multiplayer.

In fact, it's happening so regularily and is so disturbing for the whole gaming experience it's more or less making far away tank battles impossible. So right now I'd rather play on a server with a fixed object distance of 1500m and view distance of 2000m even though being surrounded by a fog jacket then.

Okay, it seems it got worse since the last 2 patches. I also could see it now happening to non-player controlled soldiers and vehicles.

Unintentionally reproduced today. Helicopters pointed straight down, tanks sliding around as if they didnt know what gravity was and a ATV appearing to be riding another ATV.

Teleported to the location that they were stationed at and all was normal. I cant recall the range I observed this, but it was upwards of 3k via a scope. Was attempting to land a shot at 1600m and saw that.

Jep, that's exactly the issue. No idea who voted it down. I hear many people on the servers complaining about it.

It's no usual lag or desync, it's some issue of the game, because when in close range (e.g 300m) everything is working fine and smooth. But the further things are away, the worse it gets.