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A-164 Wipeout cockpit protection
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The pilot in the A-164 (B_Plane_CAS_01_F) is virtually unprotected against high explosives and bullets. The AI is capable of shooting you out of the cockpit with a single hit of a 30mm cannon round from the Kamysh.

But in some armor in the cockpit!


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Try to kill a kamysh with the Wipeouts 30mm gatling gun and get frustrated when it is instead you who get killed by one round of 30mm from the Kamysh.

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A hit from a 30mm cannon should be devastating no matter what. I would prefer to decrease AI's accuracy against air units.

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The A-10 is a really well armored and tough aircraft with a protection against up to 23mm AP rounds, but if a 30mm round directly hits the cockpit it's absolutely realistic there is a high chance it will take out the pilot. The cockpit and most of the plane should be protected against any small arms fire as well as .50cal and possibly even 20mm. But it's realistic anything bigger will take it out or cause some serious damage.

Instead you need to avoid the fire of 30mm at the aircraft - like any pilot in real life would do.

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Getting killed inside the cockpit of the A-10 by small arms should be impossible. That needs to be fixed.
The cockpit is armored with a half-ton tub made out of titan and is resistant up to 23mm. Couldn't find any info on the canopy, but I'm sure it's equiped with glass strong enough to protect against at least small arms fire.

Hah, impossible? The last time i checked, 30mm is by no freaking means small arms. Lets get realistic, 30mm to anything such as even an A-10, which, while the A-10 is Armored, its built to fly, not to protect against large rounds, even though it is resistant to most. 30mm is most definitely an exception. Also, in the Armaverse, the A-10 is stealth. Anything stealth, is less likely to be armored anyway. Its sort of a trade off.

Uhm that was a reply to Necrodancer who said he could penetrate the cockpit with a Katiba 6.5mm.
He deleted his comment for some reason, so my answer looks now a little wierd.

So I meant the A-10 should be protected against anything up to .50cal (if it's not already). But of course not against 30mm.

Problem is that AI are too accurate against aerial targets with non-AA weapons. Leading and hitting an aircraft without radar assistance or a proper radial AA Sight is extremely difficult, but the AI does it with any weapon nontheless.

Now that, is correct. AI are damned good. How ever, In Syria, there's been accounts of the rebels shooting down jets successfully with small arms... soo...

To clarify, just because the aircraft has armor doesn't mean it has armor EVERYWHERE. Armor is encased around vital components and the pilots gain a small protective shell around them, the canopy is also rated for small arms and may alter the trajectory of larger bullets but its hardly impervious and enough shots will go through.

For example the AH-64 is rated to take up to 23mm fire...this is false, the cabin can take 12.7 and a bit over but the only parts rated for 23mm are parts of the rotors and around the fuel tank, the same would be true here, the whole aircraft would not be armored, only certain parts and there is no way in heck that a canopy glass could take a 23mm, especially not when its curved with little reinforcement.

In fact the only canopy parts that could really take hits are the front panes, the flat pane having the most armor and deflection, the sides having some and the main door likely far less.

An aircraft being shot down can mean a lot of things, they could have hit a fuel line, a wire, a warning could have gone off in the canopy and the pilot decided to land the aircraft.

For a realistic example....A-10 performs a strafe run and receives fire, a bullet damages some wiring. An alarm goes off in the cockpit, caution lights firing up "CHIPS" or something along those lines, this would be the aircraft telling the pilot that things are falling apart or that bits of metal are where they shouldn't be. The pilots either monitors other displays to determine if its false or true but the choice would be to land the aircraft at the nearest and safest spot before things possibly worsen. In that moment nothing more than a small arm "shot down an aircraft".
Despite not having actually destroyed it or likely even made it combat inoperable.

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 6:09 PM

If a 30mm hits your cockpit... You're screwed. That titanium tub is only so strong. A 20mm, there's a chance you'll survive another day. Now for the instruments, that's a different problem.

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