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Zeus Moderator Slot causes server-wide 5fps lag spike
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I noticed this that whenever a person joins the game moderator slot on Master Altis[(NATO,AAF,CSAT) or Master Stratis(NATO,AAF,CSAT) it causes everyone on the server to lag really bad to the point where the game is unplayable.

This has been happening to me and some of my friends that have been hosting zeus missions since the day zeus was released on dev branch.


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Zeus - Missions
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Host or Join a Zeus Server
  1. Have someone join Zeus Game Moderator or Join Game Moderator Yourself
  1. Experience the Intense Lag Spike, that won't stop till the Game Moderator leave the slot willingly or is kicked.

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Confirmed. Me and my friends are unable to use the game moderator slot as it makes FPS drop to almost zero. This has been happening since a patch 5-6 days ago.

At least I know me and my friends weren't alone on experiencing this. I had the similar thing where it does go to like 0-1 fps and it is pretty much unplayable until the moderator leaves the slot willingly or the server admin kicks him.

I think a solution (we can't fix it) would be to just edit the mission and delete the moderator module until there is a fix.

I think it may have been fixed or something. Since yesterday I had a friend on steam join the moderated slot of a server I was hostined and the players there did not experience the lag.

But then today while I was hosting a server some random person joined the moderator slot and I heard from the players that they were experiencing the lag, so I had to ask the moderator to leave (he didn't so he was kicked) or be kicked.

So I do not really know what is the cause of it or if it has been resolved. Maybe it depends on who is joining the moderator slot, and if the person who joins it doesn't have the best frames affects the whole server?

I've also been experiencing this issue sometimes it allows the other person to play moderator but about 30 minutes later the server just becomes unplayable. And other times when the player goes moderator everyone get's 5fps. I've had this happen when i was a playing and i've got a GTX titan it managed to cripple that down to 5fps.

Duplicate of #17844