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Some Structures/Buildings No Longer Destructible
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Most of the missions that I have on steam require the destruction of certain structures. Recently, after the last patch, I've been getting comments that those buildings no long are destructible. One of those structures are the powerline towers at the power plant north of Kavala on the West coast of Altis. Other structures include the communication towers at the hill north of that power plant.


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Place down a unit at the power plant north of Kavala.
Place down some explosive boxes.
Plant explosives at the powerlines that lead out of the powerplant. The powerline poles.
Place same unit/boxes at the comms station north of the powerplant up on the hill.
Plant explosives at the comms towers.
See if they demolish or not.

Additional Information

I've tried to blow up these structures with satchels, c4, calling in an airstrike with a script I use for ship launched missile. Bo_Mk82_MI08 is the munition. If an Mk82 cannot destroy those structures, then something is wrong with the game.

Those structures used to be destructible until a recent patch.

Other buildings that used to be destroyed with a single c4, now do not even crumble after repeated explosions of satchel charges.

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On my missions that are uploaded to steam, I've been getting reports that structures that used to only require 1 or 2 satchels now require over 5 satchel charges just to destroy. One report said it took 2 satchels, 2 C4 and one rocket from the PCML to destroy a small radar building at the main airfield on Altis.

This is flat out ridiculous, and I hope BIS will fix whatever they did to explosives and/or structures. This has ruined most of the missions I have out that require the destruction of buildings. They used to be destructible, now they are either indestructible or take an insane amount of explosives to destroy.