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Different Waypoints in Zeus: Get In, Get Out, Unload, Load, etc.
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I noticed that in the current beta state when we are using a waypoint at this time we can only use the move waypoint. Which will allow the infantry or vehicles(land,sea,air) to move to that waypoint.

I would like a feature added(unless it is already going to be added in the full version) a way for us to use all the waypoints like in the normal editor like Get In, Get Out, Unload, Transport Unload.

This would allow us as the game master to be able to send in reinforcements via helicopter or vehicle and then order the ai to exit the vehicle when they get there, or to send a ai controlled evacuation helicopter to evac our allied players who are in the field.

It would be really greatful and helpful if we can do this since then it will make the mission more fulfilling and I guess better if we can send in a ai-controlled helicopter to evac the active players to the next objective.


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Duplicate of #17351