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Buzzard AI pilots or landing autopilot trying to land on any airport on Altis will land too early and crash
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Since the newest update AI pilots will crash when attempting to land at any airport.

This also applies to the "Landing autopilot".

Can replicate this, always same result. {F23372} {F23373}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.: Place the AAF jet on the map.
2.: Put "this landat 0" in its init.
3.: Place player at south-west end of the airstrip
4.: Watch how the plane crashes 700m SW of their old touch down point.
Try it for the other airfields by exchanging 0 with any number between 0-5 for Altis. Always the same result.

Other repro:

  1. Place a Buzzard in the editor and set its state to "flying"
  2. Start the mission
  3. Activate "Landing Autopilot"
  4. Wait
Additional Information

Stratis is working fine, no issues here.

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This is a Major Issue, any chance of getting this fixed?

According to Tankbuster the C130 can land just fine, so it has to be an issue of the buzzard itself.

Thread linked for reference:

Tested it on the devbranch (1.15.116103) and it still happens to both AAF jets, the blufor and opfor jets are somehow landing just fine.

Please fix this because immersion authenticity blahblah you now the drill. ;)

Thanks for that video Tankbuster.

Can I get at least an acknowledged on this one?
From the looks it's apparently not known by the devs.
Is there any workaround for this or do I have do halt the progress of the project I'm working on?

This is still the case in the Win episode release.
Placed around 20 flying buzzards all with the "this landat 0" command, they all hit the ground ~700m SW of the runway. The other jets are fine.
This has been an issue since 1.12

This is still the case in the current stable build (1.22)

Buzzards are still crashing in 1.46 stable branch.
No issues for Neophron and Wipeout and every other user made plane.

still occurring with 1.60