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Blur vision in SDV monitors triggers on monitor's camera's altitude instead of soldier's eyes's altitude.
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When looking (first person) in the cockpit of a SDV without diving goggles, everything in on your screen turns blurry except GUI when your eyes go below water level. That's all good.
However when you enter your monitor view (default: NUM 0), the picture (except "aim-lines" turns blurry when the monitor's camera (front camera for driver, and periscope for gunner) is under water level.
The monitors should be blurry whenever the PLAYER'S eyes are under water which for example would mean that gunner who's under water with his periscope over water, should have a blurry monitor view, instead of a clear view (which he now has because the periscope's position determines blurry or not).
The previously called "aim-lines" or monitor GUI are always clear now, but should also get blurry when the rest of the monitor does.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a SDV in Editor and play.
  2. Remove player's diving goggles.
  3. Enter monitor view (default: NUM 0) on either driver or gunner seat.
  4. Adjust the vehicles altitude, while observing which altitudes the blurred vision triggers.
Additional Information

Disclaimer: This report has nothing to do with the hatch. The hatch's position is irrelevant.

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