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Slammer,T100 & other tracked vehicles cannot accelerate and turn at the same time. Steering input cuts acceleration.
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Observed Behaviour:

When driving tracked (T100/Slammer) vehicles, giving a steering input cuts forward power. This adds to the unresponsive feeling of tracked vehicles in Arma3. If you are driving down a road, every time you give a steering input, your speed drops suddenly more than it should and it also causes some vehicles to have erratic steering. It also makes the vehicles seem sluggish. Tracked vehicles are also difficult to manuver at low speeds.

Expected Behaviour:

When you give a steering input while moving, forward acceleration should still be maintained, as it was in Arma2.


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Steps To Reproduce


A good way to see this problem is to take a tracked vehicle (Slammer/T100) and try to drive in a continuous circle by holding forward power and turning at the same time. The vehicle will keep slowing down until it is turning on it's own axis rather than maintaining a constant radius circle (as it does in Arma2).

You can also see the problem by simply driving around and watching the speed indicator/ behaviour on the vehicle.

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