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M2A4 Slammer UP Problems (Graphics and Weapons)
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EDIT: Tank also floats above the ground.

The ERA tiles corrently do not have normalmaps and smdi maps.

Further, the Commanders M-312 needs to be fitted with a muzzlebrake. Currently, the muzzleflash obscures his view in a rather extreme fashion.

Also, would it be at all possible to add more armor tiles to the turret? Right now this design looks very much like a hasty field-expedient retrofit, rather than an actual factory delivered system to put on the tank.

Also, what is the design philosophy behind putting a 105 gun on this tank? Less colateral damage? We need some kind of heavy-hitter round for this to make this vehicle compete as far as firepower with the other MBTs now.


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Place M2A4 in editor, observe missing normals and highlights.

Next, go into commanders seat and fire a few shots in high or medium zoom modes, using either NV or Thermals and watch the entire screen be obscured by the muzzleblast of the MG.

Additional Information
  • Muzzlebrake
  • More Armor /Less ad-hoc looking Armor
  • Tank floats

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The optics won't change I'm afraid. However something more could be done with other details, will consult it.

Fair enough. What'd be rad would be some kind of battle-weary look for the tank, if you're going with the rugged field kit look already. Like some backpacks hanging from the sides of the turret and camo netting draped over the turret and the front of the hull? You already have these nice switching hidden selections, like with the camo covers for the Kuma's heat fences at its back.

Also, could it be possible to fit an additional machinegun on the MG mount atop the tanks main gun? ->

Go wild!

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Unfortunately I believe the additional MG is not possible either. However will see about the rest during the course of next months.