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fire select on pawnee
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am not able to change weapons on the pawnee, other helos are fine


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sit in the pawnee, try to change weapons. nothing happens

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Unable to reproduce. Are you using any mods? Are you able to reproduce this bug even without mods? Thanks

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I have the same issue. no known steps to reproduce as I can't prevent it. its always like that, but doesn't apply to the hellcat or gunships. I have no mods installed, but also have an issue with fire select on personal weapons see #0017613

hi, only escape altis in steam workshop, but even without the scenario loaded have this behaviour on vanilla arma 3. Tried changing the fire select key to another incase of random conflict and nothing. just seems to be in the pawnee, and is every time I fly it. been happening for a while too ( through a number of patches), only just got to reporting it though as its starting to get annoying during multiplayer games

nemot added a comment.Mar 7 2014, 6:07 PM

Found the issue. It can be recreated by setting "change gunner weapon" and "change weapon" to the same key. this appears to be a bug as it only effects certain things such as the pawnee and some small arms.