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Cant load any save games
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I can't load saves in Arma 3
I've been playing Arma 3 for a while and now I have run in to error that says:

"You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.halo_test, ca_anims, ca_anims_sdr; ca_anims_vmn, ca_heads, cadata_particleeffects, ca_dubbing_counterattack, ca_editor, calanguage, calanguage_missions, ca_hc_sounds, ca_modules, ca_missions_alternativeinjurysimulation, ca_modules_alice, ca_missions_ambientcombat, ca_modules_animals, ca_missions_battlefieldclearance, ca_modules_clouds, ca_modules_con, ca_modules_dyno, ca_missions_firsaidsystem, ca_highcommand, ca_modules_marta, ca_modules_silvie, bi_srrs, ca_modules_uav, ca_modules_zora, casounds_missions, cafonts, ca_animals2_anim_config, ca_animals2_dog, ca_missions, caweapons_ak, caweapons_ammoboxes, caweapons_bizon, caweapons_colt1911, caweapons_dmr, caweapons_ksvk, caweapons_m1014, caweapons_m107, caweapons_m252_81mm_mortar, caweapons_metis_at_13, caweapons_2b14_82mm_mortar, caweapons_saiga12k, caweapons_spg9, caweapons_vss_vintorez, caweapons_zu23, ca_missions_armory2, ca_missions_secops, ca_missions_tem"

This error occures only when I load saved missions not when I start them and it does this on every mission, on story, workshop and scenarios


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Upvoted! Happens to me every time!

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You've either deleted or don't have some files from Arma 2/OA which that mission needs.

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Ok got this problem figured out. My problem had to do with a mod called A3MP. Apparently while I was at work my son decided he wanted to install this mod and when he did so it was installed with the @A3MP folder with the Addons folder put inside another @A3MP folder. So it was @A3MP/@A3MP/Addons. Now it is @A3MP/Addons and this solved all of my problems with loading saved games.

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I dont have any of the addons such as @A3MP. All and any missions in the game do not load. Vote up

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