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Combat mode dependent walking animation
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In the current version of the game (v1.36), when you walk with your weapon lowered it looks like you just jumped a canyon with a jet powered motorcycle. Even in a combat zone, everyone is just walking like a badass. Some mods replace this animation with one where people keep their hands on their rifle. This looks way better, but it could be cooler. I was thinking that maybe the animation for walking / jogging with a lowered weapon could be dependent on your combat mode. There are three "lowered ready" walking / jogging animations in the game files, which can be viewed with the animation viewer. The first one is the "badass walk", the second one is a more reasonable animation with both hands on the rifle, and the third one has the weapon cinched up against the chest. What I mean by "dependent on your combat mode" is that when you are Relaxed you have the "badass walk", when you are Aware you have the more reasonable animation, and when in Combat and/or Stealth you have the more paranoid one (Weapons tight maybe?). {F23324}


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  1. Place an infantry group in the editor, with the player as the leader.
  1. Order your group to "Relax", and walk.
  1. Notice how the group looks very strange and unnatural.

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Yeah this was in the Alpha, there is 3 walking animations, a jump animation, and 3 jogging animations. And Vehicle doors also open up too.

There is also a peeing animation and a surrender animation. But the surrender animation is glitched atm and locks your character up.

Peter added a comment.Mar 15 2014, 7:55 PM

I waiting for this for long time. Hope is comming soon.

Peter added a comment.Apr 15 2014, 8:09 PM

Not implemented with Win...still waiting :-(

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i have been hating the animations since relase, not just the walking one, when you run the camera is 100% static. if you look down you see your gun just moving left and right.

In arma 2 it had a realistic feeling because you had real animations + the sound of someone moving with heavy equipment