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Redesign the vehicles radar system
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Our community play lot of PVPs especially combined arms C&H. The current radar system shows the visible vehicles which makes the vehicles very strong. With the current system is nearly impossible to engage enemy vehicles with vehicles. The infantry scouting and spotting is also almost useless because it is faster to go up to the hill with the vehicle and "look around". It is really arcade style and in my opinion it is unrealistic. As I know there is no radar which detect ground vehicles.

We made cover UI over the current radar to force players not use radar, but in some cases not properly cover the radar(different layout setup). With this radar cover the not only the detection functionality disabled but also the turret and vehicle orientation which is useful.

Check out the sample video, where you can see how enemy vehicle appear in the T-100's radar(Elite difficulty).

Suggestion 2 - Radar mode settings for each vehicle

More advance solution can be adding radar properties in the vehicle cfg and get/set functions for it.

vehicle setRadarAngle 90-360
vehicle setRadarScan false/true (rotating)
vehicle setRadarRange 3000
vehicle setRadarSideRecog "FALSE" , "EMPTYONLY" , "TRUE".
vehicle setInvisibleForRadar true/false

And of course getRadar* equivalents.


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Sample video added.

Good idea it to ust make radar change mode using command like something like disableTIEquipment. e.g: vehicle setRadarMode "Ground"

Updated based on the forum discussion.

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Upvoted. It is very annoying when trying to design certain missions.


I've done this for all vehicles in ACE2. I had to redefine especially AI settings, so they acutally relied on their visibility skills. I dunno how this is handeled in Arma3, hopefully there are more options available to fine tune the whole concept.

The radar could definitely use some work to make vehicle combat feel a bit less point and click.

Refactored in the 1.14 stable.
Tank crew no longer can use 'magic radar'. AAA vehicles detects air vehicles.

Your solution 2 is desperatly needed in my opinion.

It is the only way to achieve vehicles with different radar parameters. And have for example long and short range AA vehicles.

Another parameter which would be great would we which vehicles class it could spot and lock. So some radars would only lock air vehicles, others only armor, and some armor and light vehicles.

Removed solution 1, because BIS moved to the sol. 2 way. They removed magic radars from the ground vehicles. Only AA vehicles has it now.

I think the next step should be to remove color indicator from the radar image. There should not be a side recognition. It is a very important intel which the vehicle units gain to easily. The ideal would be only gray triangles and squares for each vehicle no matter which side belong to.

With this change the air units have to make sure that the targeted vehicle is enemy and not friendly, just as infantry AA and AT units do.

^^ Well this is already implemented in some way, but not functional. At long range the radar will not identify friend from foe, but this can simply be ignored as using your targeting key (whatever button you assigned it of course) will target ONLY enemy vehicles, even when the radar is still not assigning a color. In addition, the radar will also magically know if the vehicle is manned or not. (Not to mention that stationary ground targets are alot harder to detect with aircraft mounted radars.

They should remove the radar and swap it with just a normal compass with view cones for other crew members if the vehicle has them.
That's it.

This autodetect magical radar has no point and ruins the fun, even more puts AI at a significant advantage since they can automatically spot anything with no problem.

I like your idea, but be realist. There is no chance of that. It is require too much re-factoring, re-designing and balancing. BIS will not do that, there are more important things. That's why i suggest this simple change.

I didn't know that. I'm sad now. :(

Playing against AI it isn't a serious issue, but PVP is an another topic. One helicopter could easily defend the zone. If you've ever played King of the hill you know what i'am talking about. It is impossible to use vehicles, because as soon as you enter into the vehicle the gray icon change to the side color and the missile is coming. :(

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Maybe an option to disable radar?

If they have to fix the radar system they might fix it for good.
It's something the community has been requesting since forever.

You say "fix", but it's require a complete re-factoring of the current system. What i suggest is require commenting existing code. Which is a huge difference!

I don't know what kind of deep knowledge of the Arma engine you have to make such statement, but i'll concede you the benefit of the doubt.
My point still stands though, it would be better if the devs spent more time on doing something that in the end is much more immersive and complete, rather than doing small tweaks to a faulty system that is going to require modders to come through anyway.
Deeper Radar simulation with proper SAM emplacements, SEAD assets, properly working radars on helos and jets, IR sensors for tanks, etc, that work separated from the magic A3 radar, which should work only as compass and vehicle/turret orientation HUD like ACE had in A2.
I don't expect the level of immersion of a dedicated simulator like steel beasts or BMS but what we have now is pretty arcade.
Not even battlefield has magic spotting radars.

I agree with you. If it"s possible they should spend more time to do this, but they already have a roadmap with things to do(e.g. firing from vehicle, desync) which they are spend most of their time.
That's why i suggest this little change, because i hope they can schedule it. Just as they did with removing the 'magic radar' from non AAA vehicles.

removed suggestion 3, it is already implemented. :)

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I have to agree with 81057 and we are avoiding any partial tweaks to our current system which has been deemed insufficient. On the other hand, fact is, as for now an overhaul isn't in the roadmap :/

Closing this ticket. Please follow