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Since the Zeus (god game thing) all the most important issues have been pushed to the bottom of the list...
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There are many VERY important issues being completely ignored due to the feedback tracker being overtaken by Zeus related issues.

Can anyone give any information at all on whether the sound will ever be made realistic for ARMA 3?...
I've watched videos of Zeus and the elevated god style view makes the complete lack of distance effect & occlusion from terrain & buildings on the weapon sound even more blatant.
Before anyone says "Engine limitations." ARMA 2 had this feature but for some reason it was removed for ARMA 3.

Almost a year since the release of the alpha and the sound is still the same (what I thought were place holder samples)

Sound should loose high frequency with range like this...


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Shame on you, Moricky! How dare you not use your non-existent sound editing skills and instead fix code related Zeus issues!

So judging by your comment and the down vote, I presume that you're happy with the sound? :-z

My plans to completely redesign the sound engine I know nothing about were indeed ruined by Zeus. I promise I will be more responsible in the future.