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Cannot change skin on snakes
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Unlike with other animals it is not possible to change snake skin with
setObjectTexture or setObjectTextureGlobal commands despite there being a variety of different textures available in files.

Not sure but it could be because a snake has the following misconfiguration?

hiddenselections[] = {"camo"};
hiddenselectionstextures[] = {};

There is even randomise script which should work but it doesnt

_this setObjectTexture [0, ["\A3\Animals_F\Snakes\data\Snake_Dice_CO.paa",
"\A3\Animals_F\Snakes\data\Snake_Leopard_CO.paa"] select _randomSeed1];


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snake setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\A3\Animals_F\Snakes\data\Snake_Dice_CO.paa"];

no effect

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I'll take a look, thanks a lot for letting me know.

I have fixed that issue, could You, please, take a look in dev branch today and close it if it is OK? Thanks a lot.

Thank you for prompt fix, there are however few issues that need to be looked at.

  1. randomize script. at the moment it looks like this:

if (isServer) then {
_rnd1 = floor random 2;
_this setVariable ["BIS_randomSeed1", _rnd1, TRUE];

waitUntil {!(isNil {_this getVariable "BIS_randomSeed1"})};
_randomSeed1 = _this getVariable "BIS_randomSeed1";

_this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, ["\A3\Animals_F\Snakes\data\Snake_Dice_CO.paa",
"\A3\Animals_F\Snakes\data\Snake_Leopard_CO.paa"] select _randomSeed1];

the problem here is that if snake is created on a client in Multiplayer, BIS_randomSeed1 will be nil and waitUntil will hang there forever eating CPU on each frame. Also it looks like BIS_randomSeed1 is the thing of the past as other scripts were updated to exclude it. So according to new randomize script "policy" it should look like this now:

if (isServer) then {
_this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, [


] select floor random 2];

  1. Snakes created on the server appear to be jittery on the client. For JIP the snake might not even sync animation for awhile and appear sliding instead of wiggling.

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