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Allow GM to speak as a unit
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To complete the whole GM aspect of the Zeus DLC, I think it's important that the Zeus player can "spoof" themselves as another NPC, allowing them to communicate as that particular unit.


<Players destroy an AA emplacement>
Zeus (as HQ): Alpha, this is HQ, close air support is now available.
Alpha 1-1: Requesting air support at coordinates xxx-yyy.
Zeus (as HQ): Roger that, Alpha, close air support is on its way.
<Zeus now selects the air support, say, a helicopter named Viper>
Viper: This is Viper, Alpha 1, I'm coming up from your rear...


Just an idea that could help facilitate more involved play from both GMs and players.


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Already possible. "Play Radio Message" module.

They just need to add more phrases to it.

That does work- it'd be better if it would allow text entry rather than just a drop down list, however.

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Maybe they can create some voice filters, radios, god, etc..

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Agree with acesential, a text entry version of the Play Radio Message module would be perfect.

Obviously wouldn't have the voices, it could just play a generic radio sound or something so the players know to look for the text.