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Zeus - Allow user to define Zeus Keys
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Zeus DESTROY Key - Added to Config -> Controls
I have run into a minor problem with the new Zeus system in that I do not have a numpad or the END, HOME, PGUP and PGDWN keys on my keyboard.
Currently the Zeus 'DESTROY' button (as opposed to DELETE) seems to be hard-bound to the END key, thus I am unable to use this in-game.

It would be a great help if this additional key were added to the custom controls config in the same way as the Zeus 'TAB' key has been.


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I use a minimal bluetooth keyboard + Razer Naga in lieu of a numpad setup due to space limitations, which has worked fine up until now.

I realize there are likely few people affected by this issue, thus I am designating it a request.

Many thanks.

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I would have changed this to something like: Allow a user to define Zeus Keys

Yup would be a better title: edited for clarity.

This is a duplicate of #17337, closing.