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Add god voice to Zeus
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As the title says. When Zeus uses VoIP his voice should be bassy and echoy >:D


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You are already able to modulate your voice with third party software like MorphVox.

By that logic we should throw out ARMA 3, and just use ARMA 2, as everything can already be done with mods.

Software like MorphVox can modulate your voice in all programs that uses VoIP (Teamspeak, Mumble,...). It has nothing to do with mods for ArmA, Arma 2 or Arma III.

I personally don't think, Arma 3 needs a feature like a "special voice" for special roles (game master = Zeus), because you can already have a "special voice" and don't need any mods for that... just use google and have fun.

That would be the same, if you want the game to be louder and ask for a "louder mod" ...but you already can make it louder with your volume control, guess what I mean?

nope, u are not god in this game when u use that feature,the feature name is missleading.

@Koala: The game has volume sliders...

@Faultron: That's exactly what you are. As the official website says: "BECOME ZEUS".

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@MulleDK19: that comparison with the volume was just an empty phrase

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The point of the Zues game mode isn't to electrocute tanks while a booming voice yells random crap at everyone. The whole point of this is to make every mission adapt (tm) to the circumstances. This makes every multiplayer experience way more fun than a preset mission made in a 2d editor. The mission is too easy? Send in an APC. Mission is too hard? Send in the air support. While zapping stuff and shouting is good fun, we really don't need a booming voice built into the game. Make your own booming voice if it is really that necessary :P (The lightning was probably just something fun the devs did)

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well........true, but it could make things fun. upvoted.

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I like this idea, but it would have to be optional - in many instances you want to role play as an HQ and don't want to sound so ... thunderous :)

I'm afraid there's no priority for this before release, but I'd like to check possibilities afterwards.

Sure. I'm all for optionality. As long as I can have a thunderous voice, I don't care what everyone else have :P

Now that we're at it. Zeus should be able to show his face