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[Multiplayer] Attachments on weapons disappear when moving the weapon into any container
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Attachments on weapons disappear when the weapon is placed into either your backpack or a storage container/vehicle. Attachments must first be removed from the weapon and stored individually. This bug was introduced with the most recent Stable update.


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In a Multiplayer environment:

  1. Put any attachment on any weapon that supports attachments
  2. Place the weapon into a backpack or vehicle with sufficient capacity

Attachments are lost.

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Yup. Just happened to me and it SUCKS.

enamel added a subscriber: enamel.May 7 2016, 5:59 PM

Would be great to see this one fixed!

This must be fixed, it ruins so many mods and missions.

Serious problem which has cost me several times when I try to swap a situation weapon back and forth. Please deal with this whenever you can.

think i read some where its a arma 3 issue not the mod?

Yep serious issue for persistent missions. I don't see it in between logins or restarts, but I have to remember to remove all attachments before storing a weapon in backpack and logging out.


is this issue still valid?

Thank you

Unless you recently made a change yes it is. Mainly a problem with persistant missions which record your equipment, but has bitten me immediately every now and then as well.


I was unable to reproduce it on Steam Stable. All weapons kept their attachments when put into backpacks/inventories. Could you please upload a simple repro mission and provide repro steps? It would help us a lot.

Thank you!

tc2617 added a subscriber: tc2617.May 7 2016, 5:59 PM

I play the Breaking Point mod a lot ( This issue is extremely prevalent as the game play of the mod relies heavily on storing weapons in crates/backpacks. I do not always see this bug, it's more of a risk of losing the attachments if you place a weapon in a crate or backpack. I do not typically lose the attachments when said weapon goes into the crate, but when I pull it out. Also, if the server restarts with said weapon still in the crate or backpack you will lose the attachment(s).

I do not have a mission to reproduce this, but I'll see if I can get a video of this happening.

Thank you, but it is essential to reproduce it on Arma without any mods. These can be the cause of trouble. Thank you.

I can't reproduce this on stable with no mods.

This isn't an actual inventory issue. This is about the ability to script-add weapons with (custom) attachments into containers.
These people were probably all playing mods that save player inventories.