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Stance change brakes take cover command
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If you as a player commands AI to change stance. The take cover command brakes.


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce

1 Place yourself as a TL for a AI squad
2 Give command "find cover": 'all' 'move' 'find cover' (| 1 8)
The AI will now find hard cover or bushes if there is any nearby, or go prone if there isn't any cover.
3 All regroup
4 Give a stance change command: 'all', 'combat mode', 'go prone' (| 7 8)
5 Give all command to stand up again. (| 7 6)
6 Give "find cover" command again.

Find cover is now broken. AI will just be stuck in the stand up stance.

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There is no bug reproduced in the video.

The video shows an absolutely correct behaviour. You are playing the game wrong. Use the "copy my stance" instead of the "stand up" command that basically just forces units to stand up no matter the circumstances.

To others, please investigate a ticket before you vote it up.