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AI Still Super-Capable And Relies On "Cheating" To Beat Lack Of Situational Awareness
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AI still capable of pinpointing the player's location within seconds of firing. It's ridiculous. More to come, including YT video explaining in detail, later.

It's neither visual (you can fire whilst they're looking at you) or audial (you can fire whilst in close proximity), but the moment the bullet actually lands in very close proximity to them, they instantly become aware of the shooter's location.

They do this even without optics, in a situation where the player is camouflaged, shaded, 500m away, and prone. They have several km^2 of landscape to scan for snipers and yet they instantly locate not only the direction but the exact location.

Upon locating the shooter (in a handful of seconds), then then begin to return fire, often at a rate of only a shot ever 3 or so seconds, but with each one more-or-less guaranteed to hit. A player using the same weapon at the same range would find this feat extremely difficult to near-impossible, if they could locate the shooter first (which they wouldn't before being shot).

This even happens on Recruit difficulty with the entire squad set to the lowest skill bar level possible. {F23296}


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place player eg. sniper in ghillie.
  2. Place enemy squad 400/500m away facing opposite direction.
  3. Snipe a member of the squad, watching them.
  4. Watch as all of the survivors rotate by 180 degrees, locate you within <10 seconds (often <5), and begin returning extremely accurate fire, even with ironsighted weapons.
Additional Information

Similar tickets marked as "resolved" last year. Clearly not so. Please fix this shambles. AI currently relies of magic-hacks instead of situational awareness.
I will be posting more AI related tickets later.

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Can't reproduce.
Placed myself at 800m and 500m distance as a blufor sniper, using the LRR.
After killing one of the squad (or firing one shot to the ground next to them) they are probably able to tell the approximate direction the shot was coming from, but they didn't open fire.
If you're firing more than one shot it's very likely that they will spot you, same goes for players.

I usually shoot the guys standing last in line first, can you try that and tell me your results?

Done several tests on the guys on the edge of the group, and the results are more realistic, but that doesn't solve the original problem.

It seems a good hit/kill on the enemy instantly marks you on their map, as it were. I fired a mortar at some troops 1km away with me totally concealed from them, then swapped to Splendid Camera in order to see in impact. It landed near the rifle squad, killed one of them, and instantly the Squad Leader said something along the lines of "2, 3, 4, engage that mortar, 1km, north east" and they all turned towards my position and started moving.

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I don't have this problem. I triet the same sniper Scenario three times. They didn't detect me. I was able to kill the hole team. AI skill was 0.76.

AI is even capable of ghosting trough fences and walls. So AI is definitelly cheating in ArmA 3. There are probably many other AI related issues. But i think its too much work for DEVs because many aspects of AI behavior are not propertly modeled.

Would like to see a repro mission of that, since I never get detected, especially when firing with at least 30 seconds between single shots.
Could it be that you're firing multiple shots within short succession of each other?

AI often ghost, they can instantly tell who's in a vehicle within large distances, even if the vehicle has no windows, they'll always ignore friendly vehicles, friendly fire, artillery, etc. because they know it's friendly, they can locate enemies from impacts at range with no LOS, they instantly enter combat mode even when the member being attacked is far away and instantly killed, they have no consideration at all for personal safety... I just wish they'd actually sort these things out. :(

@GrumpyOldMan, the linked video is the first shot fired.

I know, I tested it before my last post here and I didn't get the same results as you, so I'm uploading the mission for everyone to try out.

You're playing as OPFOR sniper with a .50cal Lynx, just as shown in the video.
Exact same location, with a BLUFOR rifle squad on the approximate location, distance to the player is around 455m (that's really damn close for a .50cal and probably well within audible range).

I fired 2 shots in short succession, the squad was searching but didn't open fire nor did they spot me or run towards me. Even 3 shots in short succession didn't reveal me to them.
Then I fired 3 shots, waited 3-5 seconds and fired another 2 shots and they finally got me.

I think the sniper I used was AAF actually, but cool, I'll take a look at the mission.
The results you're experiencing are far more reasonable. I'm sure you'll agree that the video I posted isn't.

I agree with you, something like what's happening in your video shouldn't be.
That's why I created the mission so the devs can have a quick look at it, being instantly spotted and fired upon (under those conditions) has never happened to me before so I thought it might be worth investigating.

Veteran difficulty, AI skill 0.70 (Normal).
Confirming that with your mission I get engaged within a few seconds of my second hit, every time I tried, even with 60 seconds and a short relocate between the shots. :| Will see if I can get a video (upload takes so long)

Regarding the range discussion, here's a second video:

800m range exactly, one shot, one hit, only a wound not a kill.
Enemy identifies my location and squad leader orders to attack me, without even looking in my direction.

It's almost like you have to be visible to be noticed when the AI look for you, but the logic is set up so that as long as you ARE visible you're automatically noticed with no search, or something.
I'll be showing a similar video later of identifying a mortar from over a hill, and also the one I mentioned above with your exact mission.

Once again, show here is Vet difficulty, AI skill 0.70, unless I changed something by accident.

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I know there is a option in the difficulty. it is called super AI. (I think it is called super AI. I have german as language setting). Maybe you enabled it?

Super AI is off.