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Stuck in cinematic mod
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In the Episode 1: Survive
Mission: Radio Silence
We have to take a strategic point in order to establish Rcom.

After the briefing when we're supposed to choose our equipment, I m stuck in cinematic mode so I can't do anything (choose my set, start mission etc...)


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Just trying to launch Radio Silence

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Same here, stuck at the "assemble" point.
Cinema borders on, player can look around, but no movement nor interation are possible.

DEV 1.11.115723

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I'm at this exact point now (also same version on dev), cinematic borders on, head mapped to the mouse like you've hit keypad * and no interaction with the quartermaster to choose gear.

The mission does seem to have a start timer so I might get lucky but its a bit of a dull start.

Well, I got into the mission okay and it ran well enough but then at the start of the next mission, bam, exact same problem.

Same issue here using DEV 1.11.115723. :(

At the start of every mission Pauliesss? Have you tried reverting the campaign to the start of the mission at the campaign screen rather than just restarting through the menu? That's the tactic I'm planning to try after I finish this mission.

Out of curiosity I tried getting to the mission briefing by walking rather than starting the briefing through the action menu but it didn't make any difference, I'm still stuck in a childish staring contest with the quartermaster.

He's so juvenile but I can't just let him win...

So, I was able to load the mission which should follow after the briefing stuck - from the main menu. You can try that.

Same issue here during the Survive DLC, the problem happens after most mission briefings in Camp Maxwell when I'm placed next to the equipment table, the camera locks in cinematic mode and does not switch back to allow player movement. I am running dev branch 1.11.115723

Same problem here, happens on ALL the missions, no matter if it's Survive-campaign or Adapt-campaign.

Yeah I just got to the first mission in Adapt where I can at least hypothetically select gear, turns out the FIA quartermaster is also a big fan of the staring contest...

Also I just tested, skipping the briefing doesn't fix it either and in this case all the gear I had just picked before the briefing was replaced. Bit annoying that...

So much bugs -.-' Still got it too.