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Campaign. Polish translation issues
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I've found few issues, so far I'll report these:
-In camp, when you go to ally soldier to start briefing, the "Start briefing" action is not translated, it should be (I believe): "Rozpocznij odprawę".
-In Adapt campaign, mission "Nie do rozpoznania" when you read briefing before the mission in "Briefing -> Situation" tab or in polish version "Odprawa -> Sytuacja" tab the word "lotnicko" is misspelled, it should be "lotnisko" (s instead of c).

I remember during playing the campaign I've spotted something else, untranslated too, but I don't remember it right now. If I will find more issues I'll report them asap.
btw. Thanks BIS for fixing localization issues I've reported last time.


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  1. Run Polish version of campaign. In any mission where you are in camp, go to soldier which asks you to go listen to briefing with him, you can accept action by pressing action "Start briefing", in polish version "Start briefing" is not translated.
  1. Run mission "Nie do rozpoznania" from Adapt campaign. Read the briefing.

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Also in second Adapt "Wspólny Wróg" mission when you help Miller he says to Kerry "So you meet with the rest of his team" its not translated too
At the Campaign selection menu WIN needs info needs to be translated also the quote cutscenes before mission needs it.

Also "fastmover" is translated to "szybko się zbliża" whitch means "its quickly getting closer".

Fastmover should be translated into "odrzutowiec" whitch means "jet".

Thank you, text will be changed.

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I'll avoid littering the tracker with a new ticket -- several items have localization errors as well.

For example:
Vest (press) is translated to Kamizelka (naciśnięie) instead of Kamizelka (prasa).

"naciśnięcie" means "press" as in the act of pressing something.
"prasa" means "press" as in press release.

Changed to Kamizelka (prasa). Thanks for this.

Damnit, sorry for being such a messy error reporter and not doing the proper job first time.
I took some more time to go through the items in VR now and here's some more funny-sounding stuff I found:

  1. CSAT (tan) items all have translation errors.

The items are translated as "ASP-1 Kir (podpalany)", "Cyrus (podpalany)", "Navid (podpalany)", "Dwójnóg (podpalany)" and "Kahila (podpalana)";
Podpalany/a literally translates to "lit on fire"/"torched"/"smoked", it's sometimes also used to describe reddish-brown horses, it's not common to see it as a color, especially when talking about weapons.

Tan, as a coulor, should be translated to "jasnobrązowy", so we'd have Kir, Navid and Cyrus (jasnobrązowy), and Kahila (jasnobrązowa).
If this translation is too long for some reason, you can go with "beżowy" and "beżowa".

Both of these colours are valid translations of "tan" and would suit better than the current one.

  1. Starter pistol. "Pistolecie startowym" is not a valid translation, as it literally means "starter pistol", as in "to think about starter pistol"/"Myśleć o pistolecie startowym", it's not the correct form of the noun and the following adjective.

Correct noun+adjective would be "Pistolet startowy". As in "I see a starter pistol"/"Widzę pistolet startowy".

  1. "Mundur dowódcy strzelnicy" - not the most correct translation of "rangemaster uniform". I propose "Mundur instruktora strzeleckiego". The first one means "Range commander uniform", second one makes more sense as it means "Shooting instructor uniform", which is natural sounding and correct equivalent, it's also consistent with "rangemaster headset" polish translation.
  1. GA Carrier Lite (Digi) and Carrier Lite (Black) are for some reason translated to "Kabura" which means "(pistol) holster".

"Lekka kamizelka GA (digi)" and "Lekka kamizelka (czarna)" are better equivalents, consistent with translations of other, similar vests.

  1. CTRG abbreviation in both CTRG vest variants is changed to CRTB in polish localization for some reason.
  1. "Składany wyrzutnia moździerza MK6" has incorrect adjective form in it. Should be "Składana wyrzutnia moździerza MK6", or "Składany moździerz MK6". Second one is consistent with HMG and GMG translations, first one is less natural sounding but consistent with Titan launcher translations.
  1. Every single "Rozłożony" in static weapons (GMG and HMG) means "deployed", and it refers to undeployed weapon carried in the backpack. Should be "Złożony". Means "Folded".
  1. Cap (Press) should be "Czapka (prasa)" instead of "(naciśnięcie)". I don't know how I could miss it earlier, as it's the funniest error we've noticed with our friends.
  1. Cap (Olive, Headset) should be "Czapka (oliwkowa, headset)" or "(oliwkowa, mikrofon)" or "(oliwkowa, zestaw słuchawkowy)". The last one is most formal and you don't hear it in common speech very often, it's something you'd read in polish section of the headset manual :)

We usually don't translate "headset" when refering to it, so I think the 1st translation is the most accurate and natural.

Currently the translation is (oliwkowa, głowa) which literally means (olive, head). As in body part.

I think these are the most cringe-inducing errors I could find, rest is generally OK. I'm sorry if I missed something, I tried to be more accurate.

And thank you for constantly improving the game :)

Arkhir, thank you very much for your effort, I have marked these issues for correction. Some pretty impressive catches you got there, thanks again and keep it coming if you find some more!