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ZEUS Loadout/Equipment/Inventory Editor
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Dear developers, please insert a fully customizable loadout/equipment/inventory editor in the ZEUS-module (and in the normal editor

It would give all the future game masters a great option to set the equipment for all units.

Examples for live editing the loadout/inventory/equipment:

  1. being able to modify the inventory of playable and ai-units before and after insertion (attachments, ammo, grenades, binocular, compass and so on)
  1. being able to modify all kinds of ammo-crates
  1. being able to modify all kinds of vehicle loadouts (land, sea & air)

As a solution, just insert an edit tab, that opens a drag and drop window, where you can choose all available weapons, attachment, grenades, ammo and so on.

For units like soldiers just insert the known in game inventory interface, so you will be able to edit the soldiers attachments for all weapons and so on.

Just think about it and by the way, please make the ZEUS module compatible with the editor:


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Or how about an init field when you spawn a unit, crate, vehicle or whatever?

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An init field means the knowledge of scripting commands.

I don't think, that all future game masters want to know or study all commands for a fluid gameplay. The whole on the fly editing of a mission needs to get more user friendly (the same for the editor).

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I support, placing a bunch of ammocrates is really annoying, I want the ability to set loadouts and create custom ammoboxes.

Sweet, but what about changing classes/kits/loadouts when you respawn?
And an option to save ammo box contents into presets/loadout presets for future Zeus sessions

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Thanks for the nice info and work.

Will we be able to edit the loadouts from infantry, ships, cars and so on too?


A copy and paste function would be great too.

Is is possible to implement something like that into the standard 2D editor?


That would be great, if they will do it. Feel free and vote for following ticket

Koala added a comment.Feb 25 2014, 3:48 PM

@Moricky (and all the other developers)

I tested the loadout editor after the fresh update and it works great for the ammo crates ...but only for the ammo crates.

It is still not possible to edit all the other units (soldiers, civilians, cars, ships, planes, tanks, apc and so on) loadout/equipment/inventory.

In that case, I reopened the ticket again, because the solutiom is not as positive as we expected.

Please let us know, if there will be further updates in that case.

Best regards and keep up the good work.

Seems it's lacking a lot of weapons. Eg. the Katiba.

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It'd be great to be able to actually modify the loadouts and not having to fall back to the standard loadouts per class.

When you copy paste units that have been changed with the new Arsenal module on devbranch, the pasted units have the original gear they spawned with, not the Arsenal gear.