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AI rearm command incomplete or partly for AT unit classes
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When an AT soldier (standard class equipment from game) completes his 3 PCML missiles the reload command via menu 6 "Rearm at launchers (NATO)" only gets him to rearm 1 (one) PCML missile. If he by standard has 3 PCML missiles he should rearm 3 PCML missiles unless this is on purpose? The 2 (two) out of 3 (three) PCML missiles from the start is in his backpack. Maybe he does not rearm his inventory in his backpack?
The same can be reproduced for the units class (BLUFOR) "AT specialist". But this time he will just say ready and not move to the Launcher ammo box and thereby not rearm at all.
He can only be rearmed with Titan AT missile if player orders him to "inventory", which by then he will go to nearest "inventory point" (just hope it is the launcher box) and the player can manually rearm him.
He should rearm him self with the AT titan missiles he has used - also in his backpack.


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Via the editor place an (BLUFOR) AT soldier grouped with player and 5 (OPFOR) armored cars in his vision no further than 500 meters from him. Also place an Launchers Ammo box close by him.
He will fire his 3 PCML missiles at the armored cars. When the player selects him and via menu 6 orders him to rearm at launchers he will only get 1 (one) PCML missile.
Do the same for the AT specialist unit class, but instead of armored cars use OPFOR tanks an place them further away (around 500 - 1000 meters).

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All in all ai should be commanded more context sensitively.