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Hatchbacks get stuck on Stratis sand
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Hatchbacks (both normal and sport) get stuck on Stratis sand (don't seem to get stuck on Altis). They basically fail to accelerate when on sand. Repro mission attached. {F23249}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run attached hatchback_stuck_repro.Stratis mission
  2. Get into any Hatchback
  3. Try to accelerate
  4. Observe that you can't
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Been an issue since Hatchbacks were added into the game.

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still not fixed

Make it so they will get stuck in Altis 2

Never noticed this one until I tried this mission.
-Only knew that it gets stuck in the woods, what is pretty obvious since you cannot drive around in the woods with a normal car.

Although you must say it is also not easy to drive around in the sand with a normal car.

However the devs decide, I would not mind being able/not being able to drive on sand.

class CfgSurfaces {
class Default;
class GdtStratisBeach:Default {maxSpeedCoef = 0.85;};
class GdtStratisThistles:Default {maxSpeedCoef = 0.85;};
class GdtStratisForestPine:Default {maxSpeedCoef = 0.85;};
class GdtRubble:Default {maxSpeedCoef = 0.85;};
class GdtForestPine:Default {maxSpeedCoef = 0.85;};
class GdtRock:Default {maxSpeedCoef = 0.85;};

This is config fix to this problem. I failed to fix Hatchback itself but changing surfaces maxSpeedCoef from 0.8 to 0.85 fixed the problem, Hatchbacks no longer completely stuck but move at very low speed on these surfaces.

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Should be fixed by the recent surface overhaul (changes in maxSpeed, friction and restitution of the surfaces and in maxSpeed effect - now it's only a speed limiter and it doesn't affect PhysX thrust input)