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Missile & Rocket Ammo Breaks When Using Submunitions
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ShotDeploy & Submunition are broken for use with Rocket & Missile ammo types, even though they work just fine with Bullet & Shell ammo types.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Edit the config of (e.g.) the Titan-AT so that it's parent is ShotDeployBase
  2. Alternately, edit the Titan to use 'simulation = "shotDeploy"'
  3. (give it a submunition if you like)
  4. Try to fire the Titan: you can't as the player will not ready the weapon (it stays stuck to his back).
Additional Information
  • Same bug is there if you try to use Submunition in place of ShotDeploy.
  • Same bug is there if you do this with a Rocket ammo type.
  • If you modify the config with 'simulation = "shotMissile"' then the missile will fire normally but you get no submunition/shotdeploy effect.
  • Shotdeploy/submunition work fine with Bullet and Shell ammo types.

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This still has not being rectified or explained.....and it is a real pain when you are trying to mod into the game realistic weapon systems like the Carl-Gustav.

This appears to be still present, and it seems to affect vehicles too.
I tried making a cluster bomb, as soon as i use ShotSubmunitions it's like both the weapon and the magazine were never added, the bombs don't even appear on pylons.
Then as soon as i switch back to regular bomb simulation everything goes back to normal, bombs appear on pylons, weapon can be selected by pressing F and bombs are dropped normally like any GBU/Mk82 (except for the obvious lack of submunitions being deployed).