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Certain objects attached to helicopters cause damage to helicopters
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At first I thought it was a problem only with the MH-9 and AH-9 I did not see this problem with the CH-49.

After the last update I made some additional tests with helicopters CH-49, MH-9 and WY-55
and objects: "Box_NATO_Wps_F", "Box_NATO_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_NATO_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_NATO_Grenades_F", "Box_NATO_Ammo_F", "Box_NATO_Support_F"

Each attempt ends with damage of the helicopter and explosion.

The problem does not occur with many other objects, for example: "O_supplyCrate_F", "Land_BarrelSand_F", "Land_MetalBarrel_F"...


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Example (MH-9):

  1. Open editor.
  2. Drop MH-9 (set name "Heli") and "Box_NATO_Grenades_F" (set name "Box")
  3. Preview
  4. In console type "Box AttachTo [Heli,[-1,1,-0.2]];" (box on the bench) or "Box AttachTo [Heli,[0,0.4,0]];" (box inside the cab).
  5. Get in as Pilot and fly, get speed and altitude.
  6. Observe damage.
Additional Information

The problem probably relates to each of these objects: "Box_NATO_Wps_F", "Box_East_Wps_F", "Box_IND_Wps_F", "Box_East_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_NATO_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_IND_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_IND_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_East_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_NATO_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_East_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_IND_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_NATO_Grenades_F", "Box_East_Grenades_F", "Box_IND_Grenades_F", "Box_NATO_Ammo_F", "Box_East_Ammo_F", "Box_IND_Ammo_F", "Box_IND_Support_F", "Box_East_Support_F", "Box_NATO_Support_F"

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Fixing this problem is highly desirable to extend the capabilities of my IgiLoad script:

"Land_Cargo20_blue_F", "Land_Cargo20_brick_red_F", "Land_Cargo20_cyan_F", "Land_Cargo20_grey_F", "Land_Cargo20_light_blue_F", "Land_Cargo20_light_green_F", "Land_Cargo20_military_green_F", "Land_Cargo20_orange_F", "Land_Cargo20_red_F", "Land_Cargo20_sand_F", "Land_Cargo20_white_F", "Land_Cargo20_yellow_F"
also cause damage.

There going to add sling loading. Maybe they'll fix it while doing that.