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Loading savegame incorrectly marks all tasks as completed/failed on custom multiplayer coop maps
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When resuming a savegame for various custom multiplayer coop maps (We have tried quite a few and have the same issue everywhere) the task objectives are immediately marked as complete/failed when they should stay assigned because we have not completed them yet.
This is highly frustrating and makes saving a game useless.
There seems to be some sort of bug that with the loading/saving so that the task status are not saved or loaded correctly and then just randomly marked as completed/failed.


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Load custom multiplayer map like Search and destroy or any other with multiple objectives.
Play the game with a coop friend and save after a while.
Die and the game ends. Then Resume the game and see that objectives are incorrectly marked as completed/failed.

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In fact it does not seem to only be when loading a savegame.
We have tried quite a few custom maps now and some of them mark all objectives as completed when we start the game. Even when looking at the map and waiting for the other player it shows completed as soon as my friend is ready.

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We played BIS mission "Escape from stratis" and afrer resume we got Mission failed. We tried it multiple times and we noticed that it is only happen when the player join into the mission. If only the server player exist in the game nothing happen.

EXE rev. 115701

danczer is correct.
Did some more tests and the objectives are only marked as failed when the second player joins.

Still not working in the 1.22