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Mods fail to be uninstalled via expansion menu
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When adding mods via \Mydocuments\ARMA 3\@mod name and using the in game 'Expansions' menu option to enable / disable mods - mods fail to be uninstalled completely and are still listed as active expansions.

Even if you remove the @mod folder from \Mydocuments\ARMA 3\. This creates issues with mods often being double listed in the expansions folder if they are added back.

There also needs to be a method listing mods that are incompatible with other mods to prevent killing the game. This requirement is essential given how dependent ARMA3 is on the modding community to 'add to or improve on' the vanilla game.


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Add a mod to the \Mydocuments\ARMA 3\ folder using the @mod name convention. Go into ARMA3 and under the Expansions menu - Enable the above mod. Add and enable a few more mods the same way.

Create, Play and Save a few missions that use these mods (this step might not be necessary). Exit ARMA3. Restart ARMA3 and disable a few mods. Exit ARMA3. Go back into ARMA3 and check the Expansions list - the mods that were disabled are still listed under Expansiosn and are shown as enabled. Exit ARMA3. Remove all the @mod folders under \Mydocuments\ARMA 3\. Start ARMA 3 and go to Expansions - most uninstalled mods are still listed and shown as active!

Now double click on or enable one of the mods in the list - the mod shows that you have enabled it even though it does not exist in the \Mydocuments\ARMA 3\ folder! So I assume ARMA 3 is caching these mod files somewhere and that's what is causing part of this problem and perhaps is creating other issues we don't know about.

Given that many users run upwards of 15 mods in ARMA3 these issues need to be resolved urgently. In particular duplicate mod listing and incorrect mod status under the Expansions menu.

In addition we need a robust mod compatibility 'on load or startup' test to prevent mods breaking ARMA3 during the start up process.

I'm sure some well meaning community member is going to say - don't use the Expansions menu rather use the startup option -mod - well my considered response is - Nuts!

Why should we always have to find 'work arounds' for ARMA 3 bugs. Why can't they just fix the damn things!

Hence this ticket.

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can you include your RPT file? you can find the latest in C:/Users/{user}/AppData/Local/Arma3

Sure I sent one illustrating non-existent mods in folder but ARMA3 showing they are enabled under Expansions.

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+1. Can't disable or enable mods.