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Please make doors real (physical doors with hand snapping)!
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Well, here I would like to take up the following issues:

  1. There is no character interaction with a door (simulation of player opening the door and closing the door)
  2. Animating the doors themselves is a bad idea, because of following reasons:

-It pushes the player (you) when you open it when it also opens towards you

-You may sometimes get stuck when you open the door and when there is the corner near it basically pushes you into the corner, you become locked up!

-Even more rarely you can get killed by a door (or in the stressful battle situation far more often)

Watch video -->

Solution suggestion:
Since game already uses PhysX, make doors freely rotate on it's axis. Make so that when player wishes to open the door, player turns handle and pushes it with the hand, it rotates wide open, freely like physical prop.
When closing the door, there should be animation (no matter how much door is already open, 40% or 100% would be nice for hand to snap to handle regardless it's position and animate player actually close it) for closing the door and locking it so it won't rotate freely any more, when you will try go through it without specifically interacting with it again to unlock (basically, simulate a real life door and how humans interact with it in real life).

This feature is amazing because players will not be pushed by doors anymore!
It will be later easy to implement "Bash door" ability, I think bashing doors if you want to enter room fast would be a nice feature (but bashing will break the handle lock, so the door will not close any more)


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In the game come close right to the door, make sure it will open towards you and open it, door will push you...

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Here is the video that perfectly explains what I meant, made by MulleDK19 in Unreal Engine 4
The door presented in the video is physical, the hand also snaps to the handle (in current situation, automatically, but in the game would be nice via some interaction button or clunky actions menu)

Also, check that ticket

Same thing would be very nice to have in all vehicles in future, would be far better than animating them.

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"1. There is no door interaction animations (no animation like player opens the door and closes the door)"

I'm guessing you'd like to be either teleported when you're opening the door, or you'd like to open an invisible door.

"Regarding ladders:
When you are all the way up the ladder, ladder ended, but player still holds it like there is ladder, I think there should be some transition animation instead, like player get outs of the ladder."

  1. One issue per ticket only.
  2. The devs already said this won't be fixed very soon because the AI won't be able to use ladders if they do.

What are you talking about? I assume you're talking about the part about teleportation or opening an invisible door.

If so, here's an explanation: If you animate the door the animation won't look correct unless the player is in the exact right spot (with maybe a few centimeters of tolerance) and that means you'd open an invisible door if you're in the wrong spot. There are two solutions to this problem that come to my mind, the first one is to make 200 different animations and play them depending on where the player is, and the second one is teleporting the player. The first one is, of course, completely unreasonable, and therefore if they do animate doors, you'd either open an invisible door or you'd be teleported.

Could use Inverse kinematics from the door handle connected to the characters hand?
No pre-defined animations needed then :-)

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AD2001, you re guessing wrong :/

Before I've created a similar topic here:

no any effects

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yes doors are a real issue in MP games.

it pushes you aways, and can block you against the wall if you opened it from the inside and the door goes inside as well...

agree, the door should not push the player and the more block!
BIS please fix this