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Fire has a very large radius with little to no indication
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Burning vehicles have a very large radius of damage, but the actual indication of this is lacking. The actual fire effect are very small compared to the actual range of the fire.

Suggesting the effect be made bigger or the range be made smaller.


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Windows 7
Health System
Steps To Reproduce

Destroy a vehicle and order AI to move close to said burning vehicle. Note the distance.
Destroy a vehicle and move towards it yourself. Note your health decreasing from

Additional Information

Image shows AI (who are apparently aware of the fire's dangers) steering clear of it while ordered to move right towards it.

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thats about how far, if not farther i'd stay away from a burning tank with flames that big - that screen shot shows flames 15-18 feet tall. thats a big fire in real life.

-maybe i could suggest a heat-wave effect for the players screen when they get in that radius, but prior to damage

gonza added a comment.Feb 10 2014, 2:06 PM

In my team we are playing with 1 revive (no re-spawn)so dying like that is very boring.

Yesterday 1 guy was dead near a car in fire (5 M) and a medic come to him to revive him but the medic was killed by the fire at 5 M but nothing alert him that its to hot.

in real life you know that it's to hot before dying.

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There is this nice HUD flame effect when you're close to a fire, but it regularly seems to glitch when playing MP. No feedback, just instant death. Might be related to the building damage wave bug.

There was a fix for in exe rev. 115141 which is already on Steam dev and it should also fix this

Can you please check if this is still happening? Thank you.

After some testing the problem seems to have been improved, but not so much completely fixed. Some fires still have very large range. Will update with more information as testing continues.

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