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destroyed building ruins Cause players to be thrown in the air.
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When Building has been destroyed and when player enter the ruins or near that building the player will be tossed in the air and thrown back down till they are dead, their is no escape.


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Not all Building do this, but a lot do.

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this might be fixed now in 1.12, can you verify ?

Still not fixed in 1.18. A massive issue in towns.

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Just registered to post this bug, i experienced it on Samtra's king of the hill mission actually... I could probably find the id of the exact building if helpful.

Something additional: I believe this also causes server-wide lag whilst the person is being continuously thrown up into the air and falling back down -- my friend confirmed he was getting lag when he saw it happening to me..

..then we both got shot and someone ran over to our bodies (for ammo i presume)

...and it started throwing them up into the air, causing me lag despite being dead. (which i took as further evidence it was causing server-wide-lag, but it could've been because i was observing it)