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Disable small animals (especially snakes)
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Snakes scare a lot of people, especially when you see 3 of them in one place. I would like to remove them or add option to disable them, maybe also other small animals (chickens, rabbits) - they add nothing to the game, but cost performance. I'm sure that this is not a big case to you Bohemia, many players would be grateful - like me with ophidophobia. I looked for some mod on forums, asked about making it - nothing. I do it on my own but it's not working with multiplayer.


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I for one love the snakes, fish, rabbits, chickens, etc. They don't seem to make any real hit on performance. That being said, there should be an OPTION (Note: snakes, rabbits, & fish are usually client side, so unless you have chicken / goat phobia it should just be an option to turn off the client side animals, as not to ruin someone else's game) to turn off ambient animals (snakes & rabbits) for people with phobias / other reasons.

I read that this is some cost on performance, when I was searching for a solution to my problem. Most of the people got snakes or spiders fobia - but we have only snakes ingame. So like I mentioned earlier - this shouldn't be a big deal for devs.

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I doubt it makes a significant impact on performance, but there should be an option to turn off the clientside animals (snakes and rabbits). The chickens, goats, dogs and maybe some others can only be placed by the mission maker and they're synced between all clients (or are they?), so if you turn them off, it could ruin some missions.

"note: to disable animals completely on islands, all you need mod which
cfgWorlds >> Island_name >> AmbientA3
sets value
maxCost = 0;" --dwarden

Sorry but I don't understand.
I should create a file with parameters you have entered or what? Cause i can find cfgWorlds only in Arma3Tools folder and there is no line: maxCost.

EDIT: Ok, I know what you mean now - config viewer. So, I should create a txt file with what values? Then convert to .bin and pack to PBO and place into the main game folder right? Will this work with multiplayer?

I think it is more about the frequency at which we see them. Seeing 7 snakes after walking 100 meters is too much, I have to say.

Maybe have them disabled by default and only in the game via modules? I agree there's way too many damn snakes. I'm tired of these damn snakes on my damn island!

I Agree, I Don't Need Butterflies, Bee's, and etc, But Still Want Sound, So Please Give us a Simple way to disable these in the editor for what ever map we are using for our mission build thanks.

But Bees and Butterflies is the part of environment. That's why this games is simulator. Maybe you want to have bullets without bulletdrop? Or disable everything that you can't "handle"?

you can disable the animals but it also kills all the ambient noises also. would be nice to turn off the stupid rabbits etc. especially in MP as the animals are local to the player.

There is command to disable animals and ambient but this only work for custom mission in editor, not for the MP.

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Never mind the snakes - watch out for killer goats!!

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