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Gorgon Damage Texture Looks like it's been Splattered with Black Paint
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Love all the work BIS have done - and most of the textures look grand - I just feel the Gorgon damage texture looks - well, a bit weird. Downvote if you don't agree. {F23219} {F23220}


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Black splotches of paint. +1

It's not just the Gorgon.

Could you attach sreenshot please?
Do you use mods?
Thank you for more info.

Sure - I'll do it later!

I've added a picture - I mean, I just feel it doesn't look very good and could be done better. :)

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However, yeah, it could be improved,

Don't get me wrong - LOVE what you've all done so far. Just playing devil's advocate :) A3 looks stunning.

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Small arms make small black holes in vehicles they shoot... Maybe this could also work with RPGs, AP shells, and the like? Of course also replacing the small holes with a better texture like when Mortars hit.