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[feature request] Add dog (and probably other missing animals) into editor
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There is actually a dog in game, so why we cannot place dog in editor just like rabbit and just like dog in ArmA 2 OA?

Look at the screenshot, there is a dog, no addons was used. {F23208}


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Try to place rabbit in editor, just because you cannot place a dog :D

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I know that it may be possible to do by script, but why i need to use script, why i cannot place dog just like rabbit?

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insert original doge joke here<

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That picture looks hilariously photoshopped (I know it isn't, but still). This editor feature would add more creative possibilities.


Actually, looks like a blonde german shephard, wich sometimes are used for scouting. But yeah, he looks like that japanese dog usually linked with the joke "doge"

There are also other animals that are missing in editor. You can place them by a module or by script, but why not as object, like bunny?

I personally want a wildboar from ArmA 2 :-)

why are they like that? because arma 3 is not finished