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Mine detector is ineffective on "Elite" difficulty setting
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The detected mines are not marked on screen or map when playing on "Elite". It's understood that all "cheatty" HUD markers are disabled on "Elite" difficulty, thus mine detector should have another way of mine indication, for example, sonic.


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Play on "Elite" difficulty setting and try to use mine detector to detect a mine.

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[spoiler] This is crucial to the "Adapt" campaign episode as the detector can be quite useful sometimes.

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Yes, mine detectors should beep just like real ones.

BIS devs love "negating" reality. They doing all the things "up side down".

-Explosive charges do NOT beeping while armed.
-Mine detectors are beeping (in some models frequency of beep is depended by kind of metal that was found).

ArmA 3:
-Explosive charges beeping loud just like in stupid hollywood movies.
-Mine detectors are useless on elite because they are silent...

Just like real ones, just like real ones, just like real ones, just like real ones.
What. Is there an echo in here?

I am creating a mission right now that relies heavily on the mine detector to work, so right now it is almost impossible in elite mode. Mine detectors should definitely work in elite mode, beeping or something and maybe even beeping more often the closer you get.
I hope this gets fized fast so that I can play mi mission without having to find the mines by looking at the grass for an hour before every step I make.
BI, you guys are awesome, but you still have a lot of work to do.

I think this problem has been kind of forgotten, but it is still there. And I still cannot use mine fields in my custom missions because of it.