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Reloading Weapons Directly from Containers Fails if you close your inventroy menu
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If you have an empty weapon and you reloaded directly from a crate by selecting the item of ammo from the container and close the inventory menu before the reload animation finishes, the weapon will not successfully reload.

Confirmed with launchers, and M320.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip a weapon that does not have ammunition loaded
  2. Open a container with the applicable ammunition type for that weapon by bringing up the inventory menu for that container
  3. Right click or drag and drop the ammunition from the container to your inventory
  4. Before the reload animation finishes, close the inventory menu
  5. After the reloading animation completes open your inventory menu and observe that your weapon has not successfully reloaded
Additional Information

Observed during multiplayer game play

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same thing in single-player, observed during the campaign.

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Really annoying and makes no sense. If you started reloading, you already have the magazine in your hand.

awesome, glad to see this issue is getting some traction! thanks for the assistance everyone