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Helicopter controls on the Xbox 360 controller/game pad
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The controller set up to fly helicopters in ARMA2 was absolutely perfect on the Xbox 360 controller/game pad , on ARMA3 though they are terrible, left and right bumpers control the throttle, and if you want to bank left you pull left trigger to bank right pull right trigger and shoot the helicopters weapon system and bank right simultaneously. you control the helicopters pitch (left, right, forward, and back) with the left thumb stick. right thumb stick just controls the viewing direction. there needs to be and update to change this back to ARMA2's helicopter controls for the Xbox 360 controller/game pad, as the set up as it stands now is basically unusable.


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As far as I know, all controls are rebindable. I don't use a controller, so I don't know wheter or not you can rebind the controler-controls, but it should be possible.