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High ping....
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Hi I need help I have 2 PC on one play Armu3 and on the second PC I have a server running for A3
computers are connected to one router by each other are about 5 meters and the problem is that I have a high ping server, sometimes even more than 1000
connect to a server ping 1 .....
character selection, click Connect to the game, it loads the mission and when they spawn on the map ping 500: D: D
exception is that shortly after the start, and while playing ping is still only 1 (sometimes 15 sometimes 30 minutes)

Windows Ultimate 64Bit (all on PC)
Firewall is turned off
in the background no running process
What is it?

I have this problem dealt with in BI forum

We decided to report this problem because on BIS forum with it nobody not cope

I apologize for my english ...
{F23160} {F23161}


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Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1075T
Ram 12GB DDR3
Motherboard: GA-870A-USB3
GTX780 Lightning
System HDD - SSD Kingston 250GB
storage backup, data - WD 700GB , 2x Samsung 320GB

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  1. check firewall settings (on PC and router)
  2. disable antivirus (i had Avira before = masive FPS drops)
  3. what is your router/switch you are using, some old devices can do lagg

crossed my mind, I tried it and it did not help

Firewall is off
Antivirus off (ESET smart security)
Router, It is a model "TP-WR340GD"

you have a high ping between the local computers, but not with anyone else right? and when you're playing its not actually playing like its 10,000 ping, but something far less?

...and, if your server is accessible from the world, when you connected to it from home, did you use the public address, or your inside private address?

if thats the case it could be an issue that your client is requesting gamespy ping the private IP address, thus the ping rate is enormous because gamespy can't talk to that address and every ping drops.

(also some routers by default drop incoming icmp messages (sometimes a separate option from the firewall) check that too)

other servers I ping normal
Unfortunately I do not have a private IP :/

Unfortunately, my ISP has blocked me access to manage the router, you do not want customers to have access to the settings ....

I think it would help if I ordered a public IP?
I'll try to ask too for the ICMP messages.

-edit, i misunderstood the issue

wUFr added a comment.Feb 4 2014, 2:57 PM

i dont think he wants to host it public, he just testing something on LOCAL and ping gets high