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FPS Multiplayer Sucks
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Hi ,

I'm repport performance issues (Multiplayer FPS Sucks).

In multiplayer fps never up to 25fps , it's not good to play at 15 - 25 fps ...


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i3 3220 3.5GHz(OV)
GTX 770 Gainward

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theres already 1000 tickets like this mate

70 fps on BF4 , 20 Fps Arma 3 .

That sucks

known issue........ but dont expect much when you are using a freaking i3

Lol , Why BF4 no probleme to play it , and arma 3 not too better graphics than BF4 i have only 15 - 20 fps , it's an issue no ?

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If you can't be patient, just go play BF4 and never play Arma 3 again.

actually arma 3 does has better graphics than BF4. And like i said, its a known issue, FPS on the MP are not client-side-related, so its all about the server you join in. if you join a close server with no NPC and just players you will notice the FPS will not change from the FPS you get when playing in the editor or SP

Ok , but i love Arma 3 btw

i kinda do. BIS has been doing a weak job with arma 3.