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Bad autosave point (SPOILER)
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There is an autosave point when the helicopters appear at the hideout. The autosave occurs once Stavros is done talking. By this point, the helicopters are sometimes already at the hideout and are strafing the player. I have reached this point in the mission twice now and both times I have been trapped because there were projectiles in flight towards me during the autosave. The result is that I get caught in a die-reload-die loop and have to start over. (Since I'm playing on Veteran there is only one user save allowed, and without knowing how long the mission will be the I am reluctant to use it until it's too late).

This could be fixed by simply moving the autosave to before/just as the helicopters appear. This gives the player time to arm the explosives, reach a vehicle, etc. before the strafing run begins.


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Same here, very annoying... as if I haven't already reverted this mission often enough.

The missione where you have to ambush and steal the truck and as soon as you have the truck at the hideout the chopper appears. So far so good but then the autosave comes while the chopper is starting to shoot and you will die right after autosave.

Make the autosave when you reach the base or something like that...would be better.

Autosave moved, fix should make it into the next dev build.