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Cannot take direct control of UGV variants
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Players are currently unable to take direct control of the UGV variants. There is a joystick in the "Passenger" seat of the UGVs, but you cannot take direct control. This would be very useful for many applications, including CSAR operations when other assets are unavailable or unable to reach the infantry being rescued. Though here a problem presents itself. Only one person is currently able to ride in these vehicles (Specifically the unarmed variants). There is room to sit in the back (Just use the "Offroad bed passenger" animation). This is probably harder to do than I think it is, but it would add a lot just to have direct control anyway. {F23154}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Place a rifleman and an unarmed / armed UGV down in the editor.

Get in said UGV as "Passenger".

Note the non-functioning joystick controls.

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Agreed and voted up.

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yes, if there is joystick, then it may be controllable, not like now.