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Okay for those of you Who are having same problem as I have, Once the the 2 Hours Later screen shows all you hear is noise and a Black Screen! The way around this was to use Space Bar Several times to you get in game. Then I could Do everything but the Darn Tasks Would Not Assign, so I found this page on another Thread here in the Forums so I'm going to re-post the link to help everyone so We can move onto campaign 2. Now for those of you who do not quit understand the FLUSH command, So this is what I did to actually get this to work, I hold Down My Left Shift Key, and While Holding it down I also Pressed the Minus Key on My Number pad on my keyboard! But Wait, This is the F-ed up part, I actually had to turn off the number pad to get this to work. i.e. Turn Num Lock Off, Once I released it just type FLUSH no need for capitals or anything, and you will see at the Midway top left of the in game screen Flushing or it will quickly step out of game like you paused it. Then The Task showed up on screen. Yeah!, But I still had Issues and Was forced to Run The Flush again.. It is however working, So The link to the Cheats page to help all of you is here these are the other commands that can be run and you'll probably need so So please everyone try it and see what happens.

Also For You Laptop Guys, You Do Have a Number pad but to use this requires additional key press, Usually it is the FN key and if you look closely enough to your keyboard you will see additional Numbers on Your U,I,P,J,K,L,M keys as well as others, To use the additional key that is printed on these and others you must hold down the FN key. I hope this help allot of you as for Me it's been 2 days now I've been ticked off trying to figure this out myself.


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