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Stupid AI ignores Friendlies when driving a vehicle or engaging the enemy
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It doesn't care about friendlies at all. It ran me over, then another friendly AI aimlessly driving a tank. Then it was firing at enemy AI behind me so it killed me and another friendly AI that walked towards me. So I removed weapons from it but forgot to take grenades, so it chucked one and killed itself, me, another AI and enemy.

I have to admit I chuckled at its stupidity.


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Observing AI behavior (especially driving) sometimes makes me think they're blindfolded.

Another common issue.
And again, its a problem since ArmA 1.

Even your AI squad mates sometimes injuring you while you are trying to get in tank...

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This is not a proper ticket. You should make it clear and specific. Admins should close this one.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 5:49 PM

Killzone_Kid you should specify exactly what the issue is and how to reproduce it so the devs know exactly what to deal with , that's what Bouben means

You should edit this ticket and change it to something like

AI ignores Friendlies when driving a vehicle or engaging the enemy

In the Description Describe a scenario (Without personal opinions)

you can add your opinion at the more information tab

If you change it like that , the devs will check it out

Otherwise they will simply ignore this issue (as they should since its not productive)

@shadeofme I changed the title as you suggested. As for repro, I don't really know how to reproduce stupidity.

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+1 This problem is compounded by the fact, that when the driver runs into the infantryman, this infantryman, at first fall dead, and subsequently comes alive again! Apparently BIS decided to compensate for the stupidity of the driver, thus. For this reason, unfortunately, this problem is doubly bad