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Enemy and Friendly TAGs are shown when disabled
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If you disable Enemy and Friendly TAGs in configure -> game - > difficulties they are still shown if you scroll down mouse and bring up the action menu. {F23117}


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Disable both Enemy and Friendly TAG in difficulties
place 2 units, friendly and enemy
scroll mouse to bring up action menu
align central dot with enemy or friendly unit
you can see unit designation and in side colour

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It also happens with command menu. When you open command menu a white circle appears and any enemy/friendly unit inside has its tag displayed.

This is mainly a problem in PvP missions. Players who know the trick of the menus have an advantage over those who don't.

I guess they can make it a separate option to disable it during command menu and other menus that show it.
It completely leaves with Weapon Crosshairs disabled.

Please fix this. I based an entire game mode on having to tell friend from foe by yourself, and then I got this BS. Hours wasted.

Let us do what we want with difficulties in multiplayer please

oukej added a comment.Dec 6 2015, 12:02 PM

Hey and thanks for the report! ;)

The nametags should no longer be displayed with open action menu or commanding menu.

Regardless the settings they are always displayed with lock-on icon. Please, for now, consider this as an IFF abstraction.

In soldat(regular) difficulty you can still see the tags if you scroll down...