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The Framerate Indicated In the options Are Not Real In-Game.
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When i play some community mission in solo the framerate are very bad(High-End PC And any quelity preset change nothing in the framerate or just 2 FPS) and i go to the Video options and i see "120" FPS in the low preset but in the game i jsut have 30~20 FPS.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a 5MB or more community created mission in the workshop.
  2. Play !
  3. Get a Shitty Framerate.
  4. Go To "Video" Options
  5. Get a FAKE Framerate And Enjoy the shitty framerate G!
Additional Information

I Use An Alienware Aurora R4 PC.
Always In SOlo.
In Multiplayer sometimes the same Mission Make The Game unplayable (0.000000001 Framerate I think.)and sometimes all the game work good =)

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how can the options be real if our FPS aren't real ?

"High End PC" doesn't mean anything, posting the specs would help more.
You can also use the -noPause launch parameter which will prevent single player missions from going into pause mode when entering the menu.

This is not a bug and doesn't show "FAKE" fps, since the game goes into pause mode when entering the menu in singleplayer and therefor stopping every simulation and gaining FPS as a result.

Nothing wrong here.