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custom mission starts with all task states as complete....
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After getting the latest update on ArmA3 ver 1.10 stable, when I go into custom missions, all the task are checked as complete at the beginning of the mission, and then as you go through the mission it will start pop'n up task complete for every task.

This happens in a dedicated coop mission.


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Just tested a quick task: (create, state, trigger) in editor it worked, hosted localy it worked, hosted via dedicated the task was triggered yet in the briefing.

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This is a report based on the thread and is relate only with task mission module.

Added a mission to test and reproduce the issue.

When I play the mission on LAN or Internet and one player joins to the mission in the map section all the task are showing like complete task.

The dev build is broken too.

Solved in dev build.

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