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AI wont lower their weapons in relax mode after update.
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Before the update, I made a mission myself, nothing complex.
In the mission I have 10 groups of high command units, and I made them patrol an area with cycle way points while in relaxed mode, while they are in this mode they would lower their weapons and walk freely. Now after the newest update, I restarted my own mission just to see if its still compatible,and it is.
Only got one problem, the patrol units now patrol an area with their guns held high, I set them in relaxed mode, I even set relax mode on their way points, but they just held their gun high, its really bugging me, because it kills immersion big time for me, I mean its a base patrol, I want them to relax and lower their weapons.


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Set high command units on relax mode, they will walk around with their guns held high.

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Also went into the editor, as I though it might be a problem with my mission script, so I just start a new one, with only one rifleman high command units on map, still walk around relaxed with their gun held high

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Hello anyone can Fix this issue, trying to create a mission, with a base, and army ,like the movie black hawk down, its just doesn't feel realistic watching bunch of ai spec ops acting all suspicious in my base animal farm. Please feel my pain and fix it.

Just finished the Adapt campaign, this problem occur in the campaign as well, story AI such as stavrou and other patrols will not lower their guns in base, you will see in a base all other AI standing around doing talking animations, and sitting,relaxing, and boom there goes a dude holding his gun high and ready to shoot like his paranoid or something,who does that lol, sigh.

really, no replies, come on,

I'm just gonna keep update this, until someone who will fix this, it might appear to be a trivial problem, but arma is all about immersion, and realism, I mean how hard could it be, the AI did lower their weapons before, just revert back to the old relax way-point system, love this game, but this couple of days, I didn't play arma because of this, please fix it. need my mission back.spend lots of time building it.

bumping this with your own comments wont help.

Also: i confirm this

mate what else I can do, I hope I didn't enabled the auto update and still kept the last version, I like create missions with a bit of style, but this problem just ruins the experience, like they say Once You See It, It Can't Be Unseen.

i still think that just commetning in it wont help, just update it ever so on the game version, but commenting with just "......" is gonna make moderators delete the comments.

And as much as this problem adressed is a problem, i dont think its a game-breaking bug that will make people stop playing.

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LowerWeapon command doesn't work either...

flack70 added a subscriber: flack70.May 7 2016, 5:48 PM

Running into this issue on a new mission I was creating. It is a stealth mission, where enemies would walk casually around town unalerted until you were detected, at which point they would become on alert (raise weapon) for a while. Since the release of the 'adapt' campaign, they always look like they are on alert since 'safe' combat behavior no longer works how it used to.

F2kSel added a subscriber: F2kSel.May 7 2016, 5:48 PM

What I'm getting is if the group goes in to Combat Mode they crawl everywhere and you can't reset them using safe or careless. It looks funny seeing all the units wriggling around like worms but it's a total game breaker.

you can use the "stand up" command.............. but yeah, id wish for them to understand that i want them stood up when moving, crouching when covering or staying still, and prone when taking cover/engaging

That didn't work either One unit stands the other remains on the ground.
Also units joining your group also ignore the stand command.

In fact AI groups are ignoring the stand command even when in safe mode.

This has no effect once they have gone prone.
{_x setunitpos "up"} foreach units grp

even single units won't respond to "up"

man setunitpos "Down"; works
man setunitpos "middle";
man setunitpos "up";// fails

@F2K Sel: maybe you could try the development mode(note there's a approximate 600mb download), or just make a group of infantry in editor under your command see if that works, also with the mods which will change AI behaviour like FFIS could be the course of this issue, since it is not updated.

To this problem of AI not lowering their weapons, I am very upset about Bohemia interactive not responding or at least acknowledge that they are aware of this issue, I mean we all spend money on this, plus this is not a game changing request like set up bi-pods or actually add future weapons.
Just revert back to the old safe mode system, please, it is really annoying.

I do use Dev mode and it was working fine until yesterdays update.

I have the same issue if they are in my group with the exception of the pilots they still responds to the commands.

I thought the two problems lower weapons and standing were related but this seems not to be the case as the lower weapons issue started a while back.

I will post start another thread later.

Also no mods either.

ok, just tried the latest dev build, this problem is fixed, thx to the developer who read this thread and decide to fix it, and didnt even reply to tell me it is fixed, lol.

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rickb added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 3:42 PM

one year later the problem still occurs. it seems to be rather random..if i spawn 10 units in safe mode..maybe one will have his weapon lowered..on restart the same unit under the same conditions doesn´t...?!

rickb added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 3:56 PM

to explain that a little: I used waypoint commands to set the to safe.. giving the result I described in my last comment.. now I additionally use this on those units: _grp = group _unit; _grp setBehaviour "SAFE";

> works like a charme .. they all lower their weapons they way they should ;)

rickb added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 3:57 PM

which you all knew of course..since it says resolved up there..(facepalm).. guess it´s bedtime