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Immobilized in water with wetsuit and certain weapons
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Character gets stuck when suddenly entering water while wearing a wetsuit and holding a high caliber sniper rifle.
You are unable to swim, switch weapons, move, vault or anything else. The only way to unglitch, is to perform some "teleporting" action like getting into a vehicle.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip a soldier with at least a wetsuit and either an M320 or GM6.
  2. Get in any boat and get to any water too deep to stand in.
  3. Disembark. (Get out/Eject)
Additional Information

I have also occasionally been able to reproduce this by jumping into deep water from a dock or similar location, but it only happens 100% reliably when disembarking from boats.

For the bug to occur, the weapons in question need to be equipped. If you switch to sidearm before attempting, it doesn't happen and you are able to swim just fine.
Entering the water from shore works fine as well, regardless of what gun is equipped.
I suspect this might be the case with other guns as well, but I have only noticed, reproduced and tested it with the above mentioned guns.

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Improved. Tested in 1.11.115293. I have not been able to reproduce the issue with the rifles under that version. Now however, an identical problem arises with a standard pistol, tested only with the P07 so far. And it occurs both when disembarking and when wading into the water from shore with the pistol in hand. Problem still appears to be associated with wetsuits, as I have not identified any other uniform or lack thereof that will trigger it.

Possible patches and changelog notes associated with fix and "regression":
*1.11.115121: "Weapon remains selected for divers, it just cannot be fired (unless underwater capable)"
*1.11.115293: "Player without swimming suit doesn't get messed up when entering water with weapon"

1.11.115366 seems to solve this nicely. Can enter water from shore or boat, with any combination of pistol, rifle and no weapon, with or without a wetsuit.
I think this one can be considered resolved.

rogerx added a comment.Mar 4 2014, 3:15 PM

I currently cannot move after entering the water from a boat with the current stable version of ARMA 3.

I have the diving gear alongside the Zafir, 45 Handgun, Carryall Backpack, etc.

I have verified after unloading everything except diving related equipment, that I can exit the boat and move/swim after entering the water.

However, when I unloaded everything onto the deck, I found I could not pickup anything from the deck (or ground) using the inventory. As such, cannot further troubleshoot this bug as it would be too time consuming within the multi-player servers.

Valcea added a comment.Mar 6 2014, 3:47 PM

Issue seems fixed in 1.12 stable. Rogerx, can you double check that you are on 1.12, and check if the issue occurs when tested in the editor? If your issue isn't replicatable there, I suspect it might be related to a particular mission, or be specific to MP in some way?

Thanks for the reminder, as I was preoccupied by AI cheating within multi-player last night. ;-)

I'll definitely check to see if this was fixed from yesterday's push of 1.12 stable version update, and report back.

I've just tested the same equipment load-out as stated previously and I had no problems swimming after ejecting from the boat within TF1776 servers. Still waiting to test this on the AWG Zulu ( server which I originally found this on, and seems they haven't upgraded their server to 1.12 stable yet. :-/

I finally was able to log into AWG Zulu after updating to the latest CBA mod, and have found this bug as been fixed as of 1.12 stable.

Suggest closing for now?

Looks fixed to me until a future version provokes this bug again.

This is still an issue (at least for me it is) I find disembarking from a boat with no rifle you become stuck. Can reproduce in virtual Reality map with one Nato Diver & one Empty boat. Drop rifle swim out embark, then disembark.

rogerx added a comment.Sep 6 2014, 7:35 AM

I test edfathead's scenario and this bug still happens randomly when exiting the boat without a weapon. Sometimes the diver would be immobilized when exiting the driver's position, and sometimes not.

(On a side note, it would be nice to see more map missions on the coast capable of making use of divers.)